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Please bear with us as our website receives some much-needed updates. If you experience any errors in navigation, feel free to contact us.

DOTS RPG Project logo - 4 six sided dice with letters on top and braille on the side, 1 letter per die. All 4 together spell DOTS. RPG Project text underneath.

Improving Accessibility in Tabletop

Roleplaying Games, One Adventure at a Time!

The DOTS RPG Project exists for one simple reason: to make tabletop roleplaying games more accessibility friendly!

Set of 7 3d printed green rpg dice with braille letters in place of written numbers. Dice are next to 16mm written numbered dice, the braille dice about twice the size
Parchment scroll with DOTS logo and text Heroes Wanted! Click here for more information.

We have created our own Braille Polyhedral and Fate dice and are continuing to translate various rulebooks into Braille. The goal of the DOTS RPG Project is to empower blind and visually impaired folx as well as individuals with other disabilities to run, play, and experience the magic of TTRPGs with complete independence.

As a fully altruistic endeavor, we are not doing this for profit and could use the help of our amazing community of gamers! We are  a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization, but if you'd like to become a DOTS Hero now visit our Heroes Wanted page to learn how you can help out!

If you are looking for accessibility help for a project you're working on, check out our Resources menu at the top of the site and our Accessibility & Disability Consultants page.

Patreon banner with button become a patron. Support us with a tax deductible monthly donation via patreon! Gain access to exclusive behind the scenes project updates, blog posts, mystery dice sets from Die Hard Dice, DOTS Gear discounts, and more.
Banner with button. Amazon smile you shop amazon gives. Shop at and donate 0.5% of your purchase to DOTS RPG Project! Set DOTS as your charity.
Paypal donate banner underneath DOTS logo. Background is a purple braille d20.

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print your own dice at home! We offer free downloads of our dice models so you can get a set in your hands quicker, or print and donate to someone in need. 

Click here or on the image to visit the DOTS Gear page to download.

3d render of green braille dice.
Wooden chest with metal accents and DOTS logo on the front.

In the market for some new adventuring gear? Head on over to our DOTS Gear shop to browse our wares and pick up some new armor, weapons, or other items. ​All profits from those sales are going right back into dice donations, equipment purchases, and other things necessary to make accessibility in tabletop a reality!

Open the chest or click here to browse our wares.

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