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Heroes Wanted!

Thank you, brave adventurer, for answering the call. In these trying times adventurers can be hard to find, heroes even more so. Heroes come from all walks of life and have their own reasons for aspiring to travel this path. What matters most is the drive and desire to be a force of good in the world, and change things for the better. 

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Changing the world of tabletop roleplaying games as we know it is no small task. We are constantly working on new designs for dice and other accessibility friendly gaming aids, partnering with publishers to make their content more accessible, and so much more. As a fully altruistic endeavor run by just a few people during our free time, there are many things to do. We're so grateful for everyone who reaches out to us wanting to help however they can! Here's a few things you can do that would help the DOTS RPG Project succeed:

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The easiest thing anyone can do to help is share, share, share! 

Help spread the word about the DOTS RPG Project and what we're doing.

The more people that know about us, the more potential volunteers!

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Share our website, share our dice models, share our social media pages. Download our info sheets to give to your FLGS, they may want to keep a set of braille dice in the store in case a blind player shows up for a game night!


Donations are always welcome, as they help us supply dice for those in need, purchase the equipment necessary to work on different gaming aids, and of course keep this website running! As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, donations are tax deductible as well! Donations are preferred through PayPal, but others are available.

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Join the DOTS Guild!

Whether through volunteering or providing patronage, growing the DOTS Guild is crucial to the success of our organization.

Your assistance as a member of the Guild keeps our projects moving forward, ensuring accessibility remains a focus in many areas of tabletop roleplaying games. 

Become a Patron!

Support us with a tax deductible monthly donation via Patreon!

Gain access to exclusive behind the scenes project updates, blog posts, mystery dice sets from Die Hard Dice, DOTS Gear discounts, and more.

Tiers range from $2 a month to $100 a month, or you can set your own amount to find something that works for you!

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Sponsor a Set of Braille Dice!

We are always in need of more dice, since they're our most popular item. If you'd like to purchase directly from Shapeways, you can have it shipped to us at checkout! We will make sure it gets in the hands of someone who needs it, as we get requests constantly for people who are unable to afford the dice on their own.

DOTS RPG Project

297 Larkfield Rd Unit 1474

East Northport, NY 11731 USA

Print and Donate!

We offer our 3D Models as a free download so anyone who has access to a 3D printer can make their own. Community centers, schools, and libraries in your area may have 3D printers available for public use if you do not have one at home. Once completed, these items can be donated to anyone in need! You can even reach out to us if you need assistance or anything to go along with it.

Note: Commercial use/reselling is prohibited. Contact us if you require a license to do so.

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Set DOTS as Your Amazon Smile Charity!

When you shop at, you can select a charity to receive 0.5% of your purchase as a donation from Amazon. Consider selecting DOTS RPG Project as your donation recipient, every little bit adds up quickly! 

Donate Supplies Through Amazon!

We go through many different kinds of supplies daily as part of our programs. The most frequent we need to replenish are those involved with donating braille dice to DOTS Family members worldwide. Consider donating some items off our Supplies list, or purchasing some Wishlist items!

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Get DOTS Gear!

Need some new weapons (dice), insignia (stickers), armor (shirts) or other adventuring supplies? All profits from DOTS Gear sales are going right back into dice donations, equipment purchases, and other things necessary to continue our work on accessibility in tabletop!

Open the chest or click here to browse our wares.

Wooden chest with metal accents and DOTS logo on the front.

Acquire the Dragon's Orb!

Created in partnership with Die Hard Dice, the Dragon's Orb dire d20 is an oversized metal d20 featuring matte purple edges and numbers with glittering neon green enamel inlay. In place of the number 20 is a braille letter T, the 20th letter of the alphabet used to signify number 20 on our braille dice.

Get yours now from us or Die Hard Dice. Proceeds from every purchase at DHD are donated directly to DOTS!

Note: the braille face is largely cosmetic, this die created for sighted players to raise awareness for the work we do and the need for accessible gaming aids. We do not recommend anyone who relies on braille use this die.

An oversized (25mm) purple metal d20 with raised matte dark purple edges and numbers, recessed faces filled with glittery neon green enamel. Number 20 is the braille letter T like on our braille dice.
Braille book with dramatic lighting from one corner, casting long shadows from the braille.

Learn Braille!

Fewer than 10% of the blind population uses braille because there are not that many things available in braille for them. The more sighted individuals that learn it, the greater the chances that new products will be developed for braille readers. It may seem like a daunting task, but if you have a player that uses it and has our dice, they will greatly appreciate it. We have plenty of guides to help you learn, and many more resources are available. Plus, it never hurts to expand your horizons and learn something new!

However you can help, it is greatly appreciated. With the help of the amazing members of the gaming community, we look forward to improving the experience for disabled gamers worldwide!

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