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Accessibility & Disability Consultant Directory

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As we work towards improving Accessibility in Tabletop, much of what we do requires reaching out to additional experts and consultants for different projects. The TTRPG community is filled with wonderful people, and many of the individuals we have met and worked with in an official capacity have become lifelong friends.

If you are looking to write a new story, develop a new game, or just want to find someone to learn more from, we strongly recommend you reach out to those who can give you appropriate advice and direction. This list is a collection of people, groups, organizations, and companies who offer both paid and unpaid services regarding accessibility and/or disability topics. This list is not complete, but is continuously updated.

If you're an accessibility or disability consultant who'd like to be added to this list, please use the form: Consultant Submissions.

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Disclaimer: The consultants featured on our website are part of our efforts to provide the community with resources and may or may not have worked directly with the DOTS RPG Project. While basic checks have been performed by DOTS prior to adding a consultant to the directory, we have featured these consultants on a good faith basis and reserve the right to remove a consultant at any time. DOTS also reserves the right to not feature an applicant. DOTS is also not responsible for any work produced by the consultant and cannot become involved in any aspect of communication between a client and consultant. The consultants provided here are for information purposes only, and neither party is sponsored by the other.

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