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DOTS Pride Insignia (Sticker)


Should you desire to support our cause, carry with you this DOTS Insignia. Place it on your parchment holders, your light up contraptions, your horseless carraiges. Wherever your travels take you, wear our insignia with pride!




Everyone here at DOTS is in some way or another a huge LGBTQ+ ally/advocate/member/etc. There are so many things that cause hate and negativity in the world, but falling in love with someone or not conforming to society's gender sterotypes should not bring about any problems. Unfortunately, there are still many people that are discriminated against for just these reasons. Growing up in a world like this can be extremely challenging, which is why we are grateful for the Trevor Project.

Our lovely friends over at Die Hard Dice brought the Trevor Project to our attention last year with their donations and now that we're getting into the swing of things with our DOTS Gear we wanted to make sure to follow suit! Half of all sales of these stickers will go directly to the Trevor Project to help them with all of the amazing things they do for LGBTQ+ Youth. Having access to different support groups for day to day occurances, and in extreme situations like a major family crisis or dealing with suicide prevention can make a world of a difference to someone who is struggling. We can't thank them enough for the work that they do, and want to do whatever we can to help out!


The DOTS logo of 4d6 is rainbow, with diagonal lines of color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. A thin black line surrounds the logo. RPG Project is black, with a thin white line so it will still show up if placed on a black background.

  • Size

    3" wide x 1.75" high

  • Material

    Clear vinyl

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