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DOTS Gear for PAX Unplugged!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Dawn breaks over the hill, and a single wagon can be seen on the long road heading into town. The shopkeeper stands at the door, awaiting the arrival of some new items. A fortuitous pairing with the skilled artisans at Die Hard Forge has provided new and exciting opportunities. It's always a pleasure being able to bring in different supplies for the adventurers who seek to support the merchants in these small towns.

The DOTS Gear we've been waiting for is finally here! We've got a few great items to start with, and will be looking to get additional items within the next year. Before we get into the details of what we have, let's discuss how this gear came to be;

Many of you may already know, the DOTS RPG Project is very new. It was only thought up about a year ago, and has been in the public eye for about eight months. So much has been accomplished in just a short amount of time, and we can't thank our supporters, fans, advocates, and volunteers enough. We're still on track to become an official charity early next year, which is very exciting! The waiting game isn't so fun, but what's the harm in waiting a few months when it means you have the ability to work even closer with publishers and game developers to change the face of the gaming industry? We're happy to wait if it means getting things done right the first time. The only downfall to this is we have to wait until everything is finalized to have the opportunity to receive more substantial donations. Any donations we've received from individuals to this point have helped us acquire the resin printer and supplies to 3D print our braille dice, not leaving much room for other operating and charity setup costs. That's where the DOTS Gear comes in! We'll be selling all this fun stuff (also known as merch, swag, product, and other names, but branded as #DOTSgear for us) to help raise more funds to cover the costs of an additional 3D printer and more supplies, braille book printing, shipping various items to the members of the DOTS Family, and any other costs we have. Once we start selling the 3D printed dice, we're going to be keeping those as cheap as possible so they are easier for more people to afford. At the $30 price point, it doesn't leave much room for profit, so DOTS Gear it is!

The always amazing Todd and Jessie Tiemann from Die Hard Dice have been beyond generous in helping us out. Not only did they work with us for designs and samples of items, but they went and ordered some stock, giving it to us at no cost, AND will be selling it for us at their booth at PAX Unplugged, giving us the profits! There aren't enough ways we can say thank you to them and the entire DHD team who have been huge supporters of ours since day one. From discussion about dice modeling and production to 3D file help, and now the production of the DOTS Gear, they are all around great people who deserve every bit of thanks and appreciation we have to offer.

Disclaimer: this is NOT sponsored ad or post, this is us sharing the love and wanting to help them out in the best way we can right now: giving them more business! If you're in the mood for some new dice, please check them out! They sell a lot of common polymer dice (other companies carry them, but they're often cheaper at DHD!), a ton of heavy weight zinc alloy metal dice, including our personal favorite, the Gemstone Collection that is the product of Jessie's crafty brain and experimental paint procedures. Todd also designs his own molds, the most recent being the new Mythica line that we watched be developed from initial sketch to final product. Naturally, they also have a bunch of accessories to go along with your new goodies. If you make a purchase, be sure to let them know DOTS sent you!

Now onto the DOTS Gear! Feast your eyeballs and screen readers below:

The first image is everything we'll have to either hand out or sell at PAX Unplugged, with separate images showing individual items listed below:

  • DOTS business cards - FREE! | Whenever you see us, or stop by the Die Hard Dice booth, pick up a business card! There's braille on the front, and a braille translation guide on the back. Sighted people - see if you can figure out what the braille says!

  • DOTS from DOTS - FREE! | We've got a ton of fun size DOTS candy (original flavor) with fun #DOTSfromDOTS labels featuring the DOTS Dragon to hand out! If you need a little sugar boost, we've got you covered!

  • Weapon Storage (dice bag) - $4 | Dice bag has a black velvet exterior, silver satin interior with black drawstring. DOTS logo is imprinted on the front of the bag in silver ink. Bag can hold (with room to spare): 10 sets of standard RPG dice, or 5 sets of DOTS braille dice.

  • Weapons (dice) - $8 | Available in the DOTS colors of purple and neon green, there will be two options available: purple dice with green ink and green dice with purple ink. These are standard 16mm numbered dice in sets of 7.

  • DOTS Insignia (metal pin) - $10 | Metal pin of DOTS logo measures 2" wide by 0.75" high. Raised faces (outline of dice, letters, and braille) are brushed gold, with antique color in the recessed areas. Pin has two posts on the back with butterfly closures. Front face of pin is slightly tactile, a skilled braille reader may be able to feel the shapes and design.


But wait, there's another awesome thing! For PAX itself, we're going to be making a donation of our braille dice and tactile fate dice to their lending library, that will travel to every PAX show! PAX attendees worldwide will now have the ability to use these dice during their freeplay sessions. Hopefully having them in the library will make the topic of accessibility in gaming come up more, and open the doors to more options!


The last bit of fun we have for you now is our #DOTSdragon come to life! He'll be with us during PAX Unplugged, so come chat with us and take your picture with him!


We can't wait to see you later this week! There will be time during the con that we're helping out with Die Hard Dice (booth 1751), but otherwise follow our Twitter account to see where we are during the day!


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