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Favored Artisan: Andy Bower- December 2019

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

For this month's Favored Artisan post, we're featuring someone by recommendation! Our patron Katy was selected, and requested we feature a friend of hers: Andy Bowar. This and all Favored Artisan posts are visible to the public, so we can share our wonderful content creating patrons with everyone. If the patron selected for that month doesn't create any content themselves, they may recommend another creator or organization for us to highlight. Join our Patreon at the $5 tier or above and be eligible to be selected for these feature posts!


Andy's photography aims to capture the beauty of the wondrous world around us. From the beginning, his goal has always been to capture the stunning landscapes, cityscapes, and life events that are always around us.

Content Andy is a photographer and woodworker. His passion for photography has taken him to amazing landscapes around the world and sparked his passion and love of woodworking. He has a passion for quality and works to find new and interesting ways to fuse the two passions into a single display of artistry.

History Andy grew up around photography - his dad is a photographer and the two have spent many hours over the years sharing their passion with each other. Andy first decided to invest in it himself after being inspired by a photo of the night sky he saw years ago. Since then, he’s been chasing after those wonderful Milky Way shots and capturing every else he sees along the way.

Best Part Where to begin! Traveling to see amazing places, capturing unique photos, creating unique products by hand, it’s all great stuff. If he had to nail down one thing though, Andy would say the best thing is getting to share his art with others and knowing that people love it enough to want to look at it in their home every day.

Current Projects Currently, Andy’s biggest project is brainstorming about new ways to display his photography. One of his favorite things he’s come up with is incorporating live edge wood with his photography using epoxy instead of glass.

Future Plans Andy plans to continue traveling and making art. He will continue to expand the options to display his art creatively. Part of that process involves saving up to develop inventory for art shows.

How to Support People can support Andy by stopping by his website,, or his Etsy page, Favoriting shops and listings boost the likelihood of listings showing up in searches.

Andy is also on Instagram, @abowar.


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