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The DOTS Guild is Growing!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

It's always an exciting day with DOTS, growing constantly. Many days pass without us knowing what's coming next, and we're quite often surprised by the amazing things that happen when we least expect them. We're at the point where we need some more help! With only three of us running day to day operations and volunteers working on their free time, we could really use someone to join at the management level to assist with everything that's involved in a growing organization. This would be something that needs ideally a full time commitment, at minimum a part time commitment on tasks and duties with daily communication with the rest of the management team.

Please note, as with the rest of the management team and volunteers, this is an unpaid position for the DOTS RPG Project; a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We'd love to bring on one person, but are absolutely open to more if it helps balance the workload better. You don't necessarily have to have any experience running a nonprofit (as we don't!) for most of this, but some experience with the types of tasks we need help with would be best. They fall into an administrative/executive assistant/communications/social media manager role for the most part, but we're flexible and happy to work with anyone who wants to offer their help! Here's a list of a lot of the things we do that can be passed on to another person as we focus on other tasks that can't be passed on:

Creative based:

- social media: create your own content or use existing/provided, posting, engaging with followers, watching hashtags for relevant topics, maintain facebook group

- graphics: graphic creation for social media or other ads/website use

- website management: mostly updating pages, completing tasks with instruction given. Redesign possible on some pages (we don't want to change too much). Website hosted and designed on Wix

- website blog: writing full length post with notes/bullets provided

- Patreon: writing initiate update (blog style with more behind the scenes/early access info than website blog), featured artisan post, posting poem written by J. Hevel, watching for comments or messages and replying as needed

- assist Joey with 3D modeling

Networking based:

- interviews/articles: setting up interviews for podcasts, getting information to writers for articles (Jess usually does interviews)

- new partnerships: seeking out new publishers/companies/individuals to work with in any capacity

- networking: find and manage communities (facebook groups like braille transcription classes), maintain presence and represent DOTS in relevant communities

Administrative based:

- emails: replying to website contact forms, helping manage Jess@dots inbox (which gets a lot of the main emails as it was the first email created)

- follow ups: following up with previously contacted (reply or cold call) companies/individuals if no response after an extended period of time

- licensing: manage all licenses needed to work on books, get publisher agreements (signed by Jess) to publishers, make sure limners/sages sign as needed, etc

- manage all DOTS Family members, keeping track of who has received and who still needs what accessible gaming aids

- assist Tyler in managing volunteers and keeping track of workloads

- business licensing

- tax information for product (merchandise) sales, tax exempt information

- donations and discounts available to nonprofits (we have just been randomly searching and asking any of the services we're currently paying for)

If you think you can give us a hand with any or all of this, please get in touch! You can send an email over to so it comes to all three of us. If you want to do some of the creative work, please include some of the content you've created for reference. We look forward to adding to our team to help DOTS grow and be even better!

- Much love from Jess, Joey and Tyler


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