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Favored Artisan: Dark Aardvark - September 2019

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

This month's Patreon Favored Artisan is Dark Aardvark, AKA Natalie Saunders! This and all Favored Artisan posts are visible to the public, so we can share our wonderful content creating patrons with everyone. If the patron selected for that month doesn't create any content themselves, they may recommend another creator or organization for us to highlight. Join at the $5 tier or above and be eligible to be selected for these feature posts!


Natalie is an out and proud trans woman from the middle of America. From a family that always encouraged learning and being creative, she began writing and drawing at a very young age and today is a maker of many things. Her focus is on 3D printing but she dabbles in foamsmithing, sewing, mold making/casting, woodworking, and whatever else a crafty project might require.

As far as content creation goes, Natalie primarily considers herself a storyteller, and her largest project at the moment is world building. What she enjoys most about creating and streaming content is being able to make inclusive settings that more closely resemble our reality in terms of diversity. Mainstream content is improving in that regard, but having more is never a bad thing. You can enjoy Natalie's stories and settings on Starry Seas, a weekly D&D 5e game she runs in an original Spelljammer setting, and she's also developing for a game in a modern superhero magical setting using the Mutants and Masterminds system. Keep an eye on her Twitch for both of these adventures. 

Where to find Dark Aardvark:


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