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Favored Artisan: Dublin Mullen - November 2019

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Dublin Mullen (they/them) of Yellow Feather Creative is our Favored Artisan for November! They create digital art and design that focuses on activism and LGBTQ awareness. Their focus is in sticker and t-shirt design for people to add colorful panache to the daily battle we so often find ourselves in. Come see the creative championing gear this activist artist creates! Their art carries a strong message inspiring change for an inclusive world! 

This and all Favored Artisan posts are visible to the public, so we can share our wonderful content creating patrons with everyone. If the patron selected for that month doesn't create any content themselves, they may recommend another creator or organization for us to highlight. Join at the $5 tier or above and be eligible to be selected for these feature posts!



Dublin is a digital art creator! Their art insights thought about the human condition and the current state of the world. Their designs focus on activism and LGBTQ appreciation that come in the form of t-shirts and stickers. 


They got their start in the digital art world during college. Dublin chose a major focusing on both web and graphic design, but was drawn more to the creative graphic design portion of their major. The graphic design knowledge is showcased in their thought provoking creations. 

The Best Part

Redbubble is a hub for so many amazing artists and creators, Dublin feels very much included in the passion of the creators. Dublin expressed such gratitude in people choosing their art. Out of all the beautiful creations and hard work of other artists, they're elated when people support their creation and their message.  

Current Projects

In addition to their shirt and sticker designs, Dublin has been dabbling in 3D modeling! Currently their 3D models are being printed into Christmas ornaments for close friends. 

Future Plans

Dublin is planning to expand their brand and create content that will reach a wider audience. Moving into 3D printing and maintaining shirt and sticker production is nothing but the beginning in this activist artists beautiful adventure. They hope to save enough from their content to put towards gender confirmation surgery. This artist's content is deeply personal and aims to move society toward a place of acceptance. In the future, their art will continue to be a carrier of a powerful message.

How to Support

People and fellow champions can support Dublin at The linked site also connects to their redbubble where patrons can purchase designs and carry the message in their own lives with some extra flair!


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