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Join DOTS For Volunteer Month!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

April is National Volunteer Month and we'd like to invite you to become a member of the DOTS Guild to work with us on accessibility in gaming! Everything we have accomplished in our short time as a nonprofit organization has been thanks to the hard work and dedication from our team of volunteers. Without them, we would not have been able to take on the tasks of composing image descriptions, transcribing braille books, developing maps for embossing and so much more. We invite you to work with our team to design gaming aids, share your knowledge and experiences and help spread our mission. We have a need for many different positions and skill sets as our work on projects grows and expands. Our biggest need is currently for Limners to create image descriptions for any and all graphics in a printed books. Here are some of our other positions:

Artificer  Aid the Guild Leaders in designing new items to be crafted for the community. Share your knowledge, experiences, and history to help makes lives easier for all.

Cartographer  Work with a Sage developing maps that are optimized for embossing to be included in tomes being worked on. Existing maps will be provided from original text. ​​

Herald Help spread the word of the DOTS Guild and it's charitable efforts, sharing news, events, and updates with the citizens of this land and others.

Limner Work with a Sage, helping them illuminate the tomes they have completed. Take existing imagery and provide detailed descriptions to be included in the final volumes. No braille knowledge necessary, looking for sighted individuals to provide image descriptions for artwork in texts being transcribed into braille.

Sage Transcribe provided works, preparing them for creation as tactile volumes. Braille Blaster (free software) or similar required

Scribe Post provided missives to local merchants and organizations, inviting them to join the DOTS Family.

Sculptor Following in the footsteps of the most famous artists and sculptors who have shared their skills with the DOTS Guild, put your sketching or modeling talents to use. Help bring ideas from Artificers to life and craft new items to help the community.

In addition to these "official" positions within the Guild, we are always in need of visually impaired individuals or those with screen reader experience to assist us with testing PDF files from publishers, websites, and more.

If you're interested in joining the DOTS Guild, please send in your application today!


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