The DOTS Guild is recruiting new members!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Greetings and well met, traveler! If you would like to be an integral part of a force of good in the land, The DOTS Guild is actively recruiting new members and has many positions available. Some ranks require a small donation to be made to the guild to help cover costs, while others are available on a volunteer basis. If you have any interest in joining any of the ranks listed below, please provide the Guild Master with your application or submit your donation to begin your patronage.

DOTS Adventurer logo - DOTS 4d6 logo with text "adventurer" and satchel graphic

Adventurer - Patronage Required

Your skills and resourcefulness make you stand out in the crowd, catching the eyes of the Guild Leaders. You are ready to venture out into the world and complete your own quests.

Go on your own adventure through the history and development of the DOTS Guild with a multi-system friendly campaign.

DOTS Altruist logo - DOTS 4d6 logo with text "altruist" and pile of coins graphic

Altruist - Patronage Required

You put others before yourself, seeking only to help those in need.

Fund one set of braille dice to be donated to a member of the DOTS Family

DOTS Artificer logo - DOTS 4d6 logo with text "Artificer" and gears graphic

Artificer - Volunteer

Aid the Guild Leaders in designing new items to be crafted for the community. Share your knowledge, experiences, and history to help makes lives easier for all.

DOTS Bard's Squire logo - DOTS 4d6 logo with text "Bard's squire" and lute graphic

Bard's Squire - Patronage Required

Moving beyond Initiate rank, you are granted time with the Traveling Bard who shares Tales of Adventure chronicling the creation of the DOTS Guild.

Squires receive these stories in long poem form, written by J. Hevel

DOTS Blacksmith's Apprentice logo - DOTS 4d6 logo with text "Blacksmith's apprentice" and metal ingot graphic

Blacksmith's Apprentice - Patronage Required

Train with the blacksmiths of Die Hard Forge and gain access to new weapons.

One random 7 piece polymer set from Die Hard Dice every month

DOTS Blacksmith logo - DOTS 4d6 logo with "blacksmith" text and anvil with hammer graphic

Blacksmith - Patronage Required

Your time training at the Die Hard Forge has paid off, and you are able to craft even better weapons for your adventures.

One random 7 piece metal set from Die Hard Dice every month.

DOTS Cartographer logo - DOTS 4d6 logo with text "cartographer" and compass rose graphic

Cartographer - Volunteer

Work with a Sage developing maps that are optimized for embossing to be included in tomes being worked on. Existing maps will be provided from original text.

DOTS Herald logo - dots 4d6 logo with text "herald" and paper scroll graphic

Herald - Volunteer

Help spread the word of the DOTS Guild and it's charitable efforts, sharing news, events, and updates with the citizens of this land and others.

DOTS initiate logo - dots 4d6 logo with text "initiate" and crystal ball graphic

Initiate - Patronage Required

New guild members are granted the power of foresight, learning what will happen in the near future.

Initiates receive visions of behind the scenes updates, detailing what we're working on that hasn't yet been released to the public

DOTS limner logo - dots 4d6 with text "limner" and paintbrush and feather quill graphic

Limner - Volunteer

Work with a Sage, helping them illuminate the tomes they have completed. Take existing imagery and provide detailed descriptions to be included in the final volumes.

No braille knowledge necessary, looking for sighted individuals to provide image descriptions for artwork in texts being transcribed into braille.